Fusion Art Center take part to this new international network, been invited to the second meeting to share visions, experiences, approaches but more than other, new questions.

AREA is an active network for artists and other professionals from all disciplines working in rural and thinly populated areas. Sharing experiences, practical and artistic knowledge and researching the methods and supporting advocacy for art in rural areas.

“This second Focus Group aims to facilitate an open discussion about rural, remote, peri-urban areas “in Europe and far beyond”, by engaging in the conversation between the communities and their players in all continents across the World. We aim to launch a call to artists, makers, activists, creative hubs, communities workers, cultural mediators in Latin America, Asia, Australia and more. We wish to explore and know more about their contexts, their issues, their practices, their most urgent questions.

We are interested in every kind of action that promotes the concept of Well-being through Arts and Culture initiatives.”
Focus on Latin America
Episode II: Mexico, Chile, Spain, Italy
From working with the community to creating a new community.
Does the “community” need us or do we need to become a community, which is transborder, transnational, international, in constant development?
Together with our invited guests, we will go through an attempt of getting out of a Euro-centered vision, from our bubble. We will explore thoughts, concepts, case studies, projects that already happened or about to happen, wishes, visions.  We will not end up with new models, but we will start a conversation that could end up somewhere different from expected. From offering new spaces for artistic residencies to meeting communities that live far away, in totally different contexts. Eco-human sustainability, community, landscape, new cultural practices, art/activism.
Nayeli Real (Mexico), Giovanna Maroccolo (Italy/Mexico), Laida Azkona y Txalo Tolosa (Spain/Chile), Mateo Feijò (Spain), Tizo All (Brasil/Germany).
Anna Estdahl, in collaboration with Silvia Demofonti and Brandon Davis.
Jaciel Neri, from Moving Borders (Mexico), will be with us for this second episode dedicated to a conversation between Latin America and Europe.